Meet The Team

Our team has unique backgrounds in engineering, security, entertainment, and consumer startups that can handle the growth and utility required for the EarnPay project scope.

Doxxing is on the roadmap to happen in steps as we approach the airdrop/rebrand for version 2.

We know it can be somewhat silly to trust astronaut avatars, but don't be fooled. We have years of experience in our fields and we are passionately serious about the success of this project and community.

We are also available to chat further on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord if you have any questions!

(CO-Founder) (DEVELOPER)

Chief Pay Space Officer

(co-Founder) (DESIGN)

Chief Creative Space Officer

Jawn Doe
(CORE TEAM) (Developer)

Chief Backend Space Officer

Ryan Deshields
(Core team) (ADMIN)

Chief Community and Listings Space Officer

(AKA Rockin FightinSquirrel)
‍‍(Core team) (ADMIN)

Chief Partnership Space Officer

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