How It Works

EarnPay dApp Tutorial

Learn how to use the dApp

How do I view my balance?

1. Connect your wallet
2. Look inside the "Dashboard For EarnPay" section.

Your EarnPay amount will be next to the icon. Underneath you will see the "USD" amount for convenience.

How do I get my reflections?

To receive reflections - you don't have to do anything. We will be processing reflections manually every 1-4 days (depending on volume).

In version 2 of EarnPay, reflections will be updated automatically as they come in.

What do the stats mean in Rocket Stats?

For holders who want to quickly see how EarnPay and Affinity are doing, we added a section that covers liquidity and a 1 million token reference.

The 1 million token reference gives holders a quick snapshot of how much a million tokens is worth in each project.

The liquidity stats gives insight as to how much of the project is backed by actual BNB. The amount listed is in USD.

Where is this data pulled from?
We found Bogged Finance was a reputable source that provided sufficient data for us to later continue adding to these rocket stats. ( Bogged.Finance )

These stats should not be relied upon to be accurate or as financial advice.

Rocket Pools

MegaPay, BuyBack, and Space Dust

How Do I Qualify For The Rocket Pools?

Earn + Win crypto for Buying, Paying, and Burning!

(for MEGAPAY + BUYBACK rewards)

#1 Hold at least 10 million EarnPay
#2 Buy or Transfer at least 1 million EarnPay

ALTERNATE to buy/transfer minimum (MegaPay)
Send 1 million EarnPay to the Mega (Black Hole).

for Space dust rewards

#1 Hold at least 10 million EarnPay
#2 Transfer at least 1 million to a
friend or another wallet

ALTERNATE to transfer minimum (SpaceDust)
Send 100k EarnPay to Stellar (Black Hole).

How do I know if I qualify?

Want to know if you meet the requirements?

1. Scroll down to the section under the Rocket Pool. Called "MegaPay Qualifying Status"
2. If you have at least 10 million $EarnPay, you will see "Yes! 🎉".
3. OR If you have less than 10 million, then you will see "Not Yet".
4. There is a second qualification factor (an addition to the 10 million EarnPay) that requires you to buy/send a certain amount of EarnPay. This second qualification is dependent on the reward pool.

Ex: MegaPay and Buy Boost require a 1 million EarnPay buy or send.

How To Claim Space Dust
(Instant Crypto Back Rewards)


1. Open your crypto wallet
2. Tap on your EarnPay token
3. Send a minimum of 1 million EarnPay
4. 🎉 That's It!

**You will be taxed 1% transaction fee, but you will also get instant crypto back.

The amount you get back in crypto is variable. If there was a recent big buy or big sell (or if it's just been a while since anyone's claimed from this pool) then the crypto back can fill up quite a bit.

There's also the chance that someone most recently claimed from the pool and the amount of crypto back you get will be just enough to cover gas fees for the transaction.

(This mimics sending to a friend - but with a lower minimum of 100k)

1. Tap on the Space Dust tab at the top of the page (or bottom of the page in mobile)
2. Look under the "Floating Space Dust" section. to see how much is in the pool.
3. Scroll down to the Crypto BlackHoles section
4. Tap on "Send To The Stellar".
4. Accept the gas fee
*MetaMask (or whatever wallet you have connected) will ask for permission to charge a gas fee to make the change (This fee is through Binance to make any change - we have no control over removing this fee).
5. 🎉 You did it!
Please be patient. After the "Process Complete" message it could take up to 10-15 seconds for the pool values to update.

**There is a chance that sending to the Stellar may not be worth it since unlike sending to a friend, this lower 100k version doesn't qualify you for the MegaPay.

How do I see how much is in the "Buy Boost" and "MegaPay" reward pool?

1. Connect Your Wallet
2. Scroll down to "Rocket Reward Pool" section,
3. View the amount inside each pool MegaPay and BuyBoost.

These pools are variable and can reward out instantly after they are triggered (swapping for BNB, Paying a friend, Sending to the Mega blackhole).

*Make sure you are on the Binance Network when you connect your wallet to see these amounts.
(We are working on a patch to make Safari/Trust Wallet iOS load the dApp)

How do I claim the "Buy Boost" or "MegaPay" Reward?

In order to claim the BuyBoost:

1. Connect wallet
2. Make sure you qualify for rewards - check qualification status (see earlier section about this)
2. Scroll down to Rocket Swapper section (Or use PancakeSwap method in "How To Buy" page)
3. Tap in the text field and enter the amount of SmartChain BNB you want to swap for EarnPay
*minimum 1 million EarnPay
4. Wait until processing is complete. May take a few seconds after completion for the dApp to update.
5. 🎉 That's it!
*If you were rewarded, then you'll see a big orange badge letting you know you won!
**If you didn't get rewarded, then you'll see no badge or a dark red badge saying you did not win.

Alternate way to know if you were rewarded:
1. Check your "Buy Boost Won" field in the EarnPay dashboard before and after you swap/buy EarnPay.
***Buy Boost has a ~15% chance of rewarding.

How Do I claim MegaPay (on buy):
Same steps 1 - 4 as BuyBoost.

Alternate ways to claim MegaPay (on transfer):
1. Send at least 1 million EarnPay to a friend or another wallet.
2. Send at least 10 million EarnPay to the BlackHole
**Check SpaceDust Section for How-To on this method

Change myPay Settings

Adjust how your token interacts with the contract

What do the myPay settings do and how do I change them?

Space Dust claim on transfer:

What does this setting do?
This setting being added (or ON) allows you to automatically receive the "floating Space Dust" each time you pay a friend or transfer $EarnPay.

Why have it turned off?
Having this setting off lowers your gas fee on transfer. You may also not want to claim the floating space dust or if the amount of floating space dust is not worth claiming, you can turn off this setting.

How Do I Turn it On/Off
1. Check your current status by seeing if the setting says "Added" or "Off".
2. Simply tap on the "Toggle On/Off" button.
3. Accept the gas fee to change in metamask.
4. 🎉 That's it - You did it!
***By default, all transaction settings are turned on to make auto rewards and floating space dust easier to claim right away.

Automatic Reflection Reward claim on transfer:

What does this setting do?
This setting being added (or ON) allows you to automatically receive your reflections each time you pay a friend or transfer $EarnPay.

Why have it turned off?
If you don't want to claim the automatic rewards, on transfer, for your selected "reward token" (either EarnHub or the rotating token), you can turn off this setting.

First check your current status by seeing if the setting says "Added" or "Off". If it it's added, simply tap on the "Toggle Off" button. If you want to turn it on, tap on the "Toggle On" button.

Turning on/off "Pay It Forward" fee

***These are all located on the bottom of the "myPay" page.

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