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The FUTURE of Payment Rewards

What is EarnPay?

A token for paying friends and multiple rewards

EarnPay is a hyper deflationary, payment rewards token focused on bringing the cashback and loyalty reward system to crypto. Our future reward ecosystem will allow merchants and other tokens an opportunity to bring rewards to their customers/holders with minimal time and effort.

Our token and dApp launched on December 13 ($EARNPAY). We implemented staking for passive income and multiple reward pools as a proof of concept for future loyalty and crypto back rewards.

Also, we are constantly updating our contract to be industry leaders in low gas fees for every transaction.

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Burn with EVERY transaction.

The 1% transaction fee goes towards burning the token and redistributing into the reward pools.

Don't have friends you can send EarnPay? We have blackholes in our dApp that mimic sending to friends! (This method increases amount burned)

INSTANT Crypto Back Rewards

Send EarnPay to a friend and get instant EarnPay back via our Space Dust reward pool (like cashback for crypto)

In our dApp, sending to the Stellar blackhole also claims the available crypto in the Space Dust pool.

Chance Pools.
BIGGER Rewards.

Want an even bigger reward?

Our BuyBoost and MegaPay pools, offer a chance at getting bigger rewards instantly with every swap or send to a friend.

In our dApp, sending to the Mega blackhole triggers a potential reward from these chance pools.

Staking For Rewards

Holding EarnPay gets you reflections in the form of Affinity BSC tokens.

If you want another token, check out our staking pools with our partners.

Remember,  if you're staked - no reflections. Version 2 will introduce a way to do both. Hang tight!

One Token.
DUAL Utility.

$EARNPAY is our utility token for payment rewards and for passive income (via staking).

Learn more about $EARNPAY utility + rewards!

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"Wen V2 AirDrop?"

There will be a v2 rebrand and migration (in form of airdrop). The reason?

We hard coded various parts of the contract that we believe can be improved and transferring LP to a new contract will allow us to expand further than just payment rewards for our token.

We will be doing various improvements like introducing our new reflection system (SMART Reflections) and more!

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible - we will be doing an airdrop migration to the new contract. While this method is costly - we believe it's important to make the experience as smooth as possible for holders.


Road Map

Stage I

  • ✅ Update White Paper
  • ✅ myPay section (dApp beta)
  • ✅ Rewards + MegaPay (dApp beta)
  • ✅ Rocket Swapper (dApp beta)
  • ✅ Listed on ADAPT
  • ✅ Listing on CoinGecko
  • ✅ Pre-Flight Platform (Gamified staking)
  • Reflections Calculator (dApp update)

Stage II

  • Launch v2 of contract
  • (v2) Update Reflection System
  • Listing on CoinmarketCap
  • iOS App Wallet
  • Incorporate ADAPT into wallet
  • NFT Launch
  • Expand MegaPay Monday Games/Streaming
  • $EARNPAY Merchandise Store
  • LeaderBoards For SpaceDust + Burning
  • Contract Audit (delayed until v2 launch)
  • Marketing & Social Media Push
  • Update logos on TrustWallet & MetaMask
  • Expand Rocket Swapper (dApp)

Stage III

  • Community Voting System
  • Incorpate Play To Earn games
  • Crypto Debit Card
  • Merchant Pilot Program
  • Mobile App Expansion - for easier payment and tracking
  • Expand payment experience (dApp)
  • Expand To Be Cross-Chain
  • Prep For Project PC

Frequently Asked Questions

If none of these cover your question - hop in our telegram or submit a form!

Why won't my WALLET connect to the dApp?

If the "Connect Wallet" button is unresponsive or if the dApp is stuck on "Loading from blockchain" - check to make sure you are not on Safari. Unfortunately, Safari is not supported. You will have to download a wallet like MetaMask or SafePal that has an in-app browser to view the dApp and connect the wallet.

Another issue is if you are connected to the incorrect network like "Ethereum". This typically occurs when you have just downloaded MetaMask and have not imported the Binance Smart Chain. Here's a tutorial from Binance on how to do it!

Why am I not seeing REFLECTIONS in my wallet?

First, keep in mind that we are currently processing reflections manually. So hang tight for at least 48-72hours before DM'ing us on Telegram.

Second, make sure you have imported the token address into your wallet so you can see if you have tokens already. If you have already imported and do NOT see tokens, try connecting to the dApp and see if you have any unclaimed Reflections. If you do - you can manually process them to receive!

If you have the reflection token imported and haven't seen reflections in a few days, feel free to DM us and have us double check the backlog.

**Automatic reflections are coming in version 2!

How do Rocket Pools work? (MegaPay, BuyBoost)

If getting reflections passively isn't enough excitement, there are other ways to be rewarded using EarnPay! BuyBoost is a reward pool that is CHANCE based on rewarding you. You get a chance to win what is inside the pool every time you swap/buy 1 million EarnPay or send 1 million EarnPay to a friend.

MegaPay is another rocket pool that is CHANCE based on rewarding you. Since the chances are slimmer, the payout frequency is less, and the pool builds up more.

Don't have a friend to send EarnPay? Visit our dApp and send 1 million EarnPay tokens to The Mega (blackhole) where you will get a chance to win the MegaPay for every 1 million tokens you send. These tokens you send are split up into being burned and being distributed in the ecosystem to fund the pool and reflections to holders.

How does SpaceDust work?

Have you ever heard of Cashback rewards? What about Travel points? Well, Space Dust is both of those combined!
Floating "space dust" is a small pool that fills up based on volume (buys, sells). When you send EarnPay to a friend, every transaction gives you INSTANT crypto back rewards!

How much? Just check the Floating Space Dust section in the dApp to see.

Don't have a friend to send EarnPay? Send 100k EarnPay tokens to The Stella (blackhole) and receive the amount in the pool. There is no "chance" here. It's an INSTANT reward.

Copyright © 2022 EarnPay. All Rights Reserved - EarnPay is not an investment and we are not responsible for any losses or errors. Use at your own risk. EarnPay has a separate team from Affinity and other partners listed on the site.